WellMob Logo and Icons

The logo and artwork for the icons were created by artist Frances Belle Parker, a descendant of the Yaegl people.

Frances says:

“The leaf design came about when I initially thought about what it is that actually makes our mob well? The leaf is a holistic way of looking at our wellness, particularly when I have coupled it with figures which also represent the veins of the leaf. These figures represent a strength, a sense of belonging, a part of coming together and healing.

These figures also represent the veins which we see in nature. Like the waterways, these veins depict the life-giving blood which makes it possible for us to thrive as a people. The design can also be viewed as a seed pod. In that sense it becomes a place of nurture, a place where we are embraced and allowed to heal and come out of our shell. We are all in it together, to heal, to be and to do well.”

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